The FitOldDog Training Wheel, To Stay Young At Heart.

Dear Reader!

We all age, but who says baby boomers can't enjoy healthy aging? We all need motivation! We all benefit from inspiration. As an active, Ironman-distance triathlete, with aortic disease in the the form of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, with a Cook Zenith Stent Graft, I most certainly benefit from the inspiration of older athletes, some much older than I. We all have to overcome health challenges, eventually, and how we handle the challenge will most certainly influence the quality of our lives, henceforth. Several times, as a consequence of a health crisis, or the challenges of aging, I have observed the transformation of a not so pleasant, demanding person, into an inspiration, great to be around. Exercise played a role each time!

Wishing you Happy Trails,

FitOldDog, The Baby Boomers Older Brother.

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