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The Key

Learning how to pace yourself in order to avoid injuries and stay active into old age.

Active Into Old Age
Active Into Old Age
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Ironman-Distance Triathlete And All World Athlete, FitOldDog, in his early 70s, presents a series of inspirational and motivational stories. His guidelines, on safe exercise for seniors, are based on extensive experience of coping with aging and aortic disease, with a focus on body awareness training.

Disclaimer: My books and the related websites do not provide medical advice. You should always consult your medical advisor or other health professional when significantly modifying an exercise program.

Inspiration and motivation, to stay healthy and active.

To stay fit and healthy, and active into old age, you will need the skills necessary to avoid injuries.

The FitOldDog Training Wheel is designed to help you to exercise safely.

When you start an exercise program, you have to remember that there are two aspects to the human body:

  1. (1)the perfectly designed machine,

  2. (2) the fragility of its component parts.

Like it or not, you become even more fragile as time goes by, if you don’t keep in shape by staying active into old age.

FitOldDog training wheel stay active into old age

The FitOldDog Training Wheel

For Safe Exercise Into Old Age

Joe Friel cup to stay active into old age

In order to stay active into old age, staying healthy is way of life, not just something to make you look good, something to ‘win,’ or something to do at the weekend.  Learn to weave your life around your exercise, by incorporating exercise into daily activities - take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk if you only have a short distance to travel, and so forth. Once it becomes a way of life, it doesn’t feel like hard work.

You must learn how to pace yourself, so take the  Joe Friel’s Styrofoam Cup Test. One of the best exercise tips, ever.

Staying in shape enabled me to overcome aortic disease, leading me to inspire and motivate other patients to get on with their lives. This was why I created my blog, Athlete with Stent, which has over 1,000 posts related to safe exercise for better health.

FitOldDog at worlds half ironman championships, las vegas, 2013

FitOldDog (right) with fellow athletes, Cath and Frits, at the World Half Ironman Championships, Las Vegas, 2013.

Active Into Old Age
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Never Too Late To Exercise For A Healthy Lifestyle

Life is tough and it leaves it’s mark on our minds and bodies,

but we still want to have dreams and enjoy life!

FitOldDog's injury map, we learn from our mistakes

You’ll learn from your mistakes, and from the experts, with time and patience. The example below is from Joe Friel, great athlete.

100% money back

Great advice from Joe Friel, world class athlete, the styrofoam cup test. Challenging your attitude to safe exercise.

FitOldDog Training Wheel

Here’s How It Works

Start at the top (green for beginner) and go around clockwise, until you approach the red (danger zone), learn to cope with injuries and strains through increasing body awareness, and head for the blue. Make safe exercise for better health a standard part of your life.

Each component adds to the previous one and will take you along the road to becoming a FitOldDog. You skip or neglect a step at your peril. Create a new goal for each turn of the wheel, which may take days, weeks, months or years to achieve, depending on the level of challenge involved. This process will result in a gradual progression of your training goals, each level building upon the previous one, whilst avoiding the error of forgetting the basic underpinnings of safe training through repetition of each critical component. This is how my reasoning goes:

  1. 1.Awareness of the state of your mind and body is essential.

  2. 2.Motivation is required for action.

  3. 3.Good nutrition is necessary for a healthy mind and body.

  4. 4.Skills are required to perform any activity optimally.

  5. 5.Training should begin when you are ready.

  6. 6.Recovery skills are essential before you risk the rigors of competition.

  7. 7.Competition provides the critical boost for me, what about you?

  8. 8.Reward is a valuable component of training.

A New Fit You, here you come, and with it there are many trials, tribulations and rewards, making the journey an extremely satisfying one.

OK! Spin the wheel to exercise for a better old age.

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